Lift-Off for Dviation CAMO Services

18th February 2020, Selangor, Malaysia – The Dviation Group is honoured to have MJets International as its inaugural launch customer for FLITE®, the Group’s CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation) business unit. MJets has also signed up for Dviation’s comprehensive Line Maintenance solutions to support its charter operations, commencing March 2020. In addition, the signing ceremony between both Parties will also entail a collaboration in pooling resources to offer specialized airline engineering services to the local & regional aviation industry.

Traditionally, small and mid-size airline operators were burdened with high set-up and overhead costs to carry out routine CAMO activities in-house. Now with outsourcing, as permitted by the new airworthiness regulations, “Part M”, operators can optimize their operating costs by sub-contracting these activities.

This outsourcing from MJets is a milestone for large aircraft Commercial Air Transport (CAT) operations in Malaysia and serves to benefit the industry further by providing current & new operators in this category the basic, but essential, engineering services to ensure the safe and reliable operations of its aircrafts. Besides a significant reduction in monthly overheads, this outsourcing also allows operators to focus primarily on their core business of transporting passenger and goods safely, comfortably and profitably.

Ir. Razali bin Idris, Technical Director at Dviation, shares that, ‘This outsourcing is not only CAAM-compliant, but will also facilitate high OTP and despatch reliability to MJet operations which are highly sought by customers.’

‘We are honoured to have been selected by Mjets and look forward to a fruitful collaboration with our new client as launch customer for our flite solutions. Having just received our CAMO approval from CAAM last October, this engagement serves as testament to the need of such essential services in our local aviation ecosystem, in line with the nation's aerospace blueprint. To that effect, we will continue to build on our capabilities to support the growth of our beloved aviation community. We take this moment also to wish the entire Mjets team a successful lift-off in their new ventures’, adds Kevin Teoh, Group MD of Dviation.

MJets CEO, Mr. Nazaruddin bin Mohd, comments that, ‘The Malaysian Aviation industry needs to support each other in this highly regulated environment as a step forward to foreign approvals. We hope to grow and develop this CAMO support together to maximise the potential of both parties.’

The Dviation Group provides bespoke aviation solutions specializing in five core services namely line maintenance, training, recruitment, consultancy and CAMO. With the addition of its new FLITE® product line, the Group is now in a position to offer end-to-end solutions to airlines, operators and owners alike, giving them peace of mind on engineering & maintenance services.

MJets International is a newly launched Malaysian based charter operator utilizing a fleet of Boeing B737-800 aircrafts for its operations. It recently gained its Air Operators Certificate (AOC) issued by Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM) and holds a valid Air Service Permit issued by Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM).

Feb, 2020