Our Vision

"Enabling Opportunities, Building Communities"

We are more than just an aviation solutions provider, a maintenance company, and a training centre – we are a people business, with you as our core focus. We believe in the power of people, in the power of you. And so, our greatest desire is to give back to community, to provide jobs and to help you realise your dreams. From fresh grads to highly experienced professionals; from those seeking a fresh start, to those affected by retrenchment, Dviation continues to enable opportunities so that together, we can build our community in the aviation industry. We strive to create equal opportunities for all. We aspire to forge strong bonds and lasting friendships in the global community. Because at Dviation, our vision lies in Enabling Opportunities, Building Communities.

Our Mission

As we believe that each customer is unique, has different needs and requires specific solutions, we provide made-to-measure support to match these differing requirements. We are DETERMINED to represent your interests,add to the efficiency of your operations and, as a result, thoroughly meet and exceed expectations.

At DVIATION, it is all about thinking in ‘solutions’ instead of ‘products’. The key characteristics of these ‘solutions’ is their flexibility and adaptability. Our experience and resources provide you with the peace of mind that you are getting the most from your time, investment, and energy. Let us first listen to your specific requirements.

Management Team

Our personnel are passionate for all things aviation, putting all their energy into meeting the needs
of each and every customer — offering you complete peace of mind and flexible manpower costing.