With combined experience of more than 40 years, the Dviation dynamic team of experts provide in-depth technical aviation consultation with guaranteed results.

Our wide range of customized consultancy services are tailor-made to meet specific needs, ranging from small aviation outfits to global organizations.

All-in-one solutions for clients are at cost-effective pricing through Dviation resource pooling of our extensive network of partners and associates.


General Hotline

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Dviation is the most trusted aviation partner in the ASEAN region. Among the multitude of services we provide, we also support asset owners/ airline operators and investors in asset purchasing or disposal process. Our team of industry experts can help asset owners minimize technical risks and maximise residual value of aviation assets.

We also offer a range of value added services like Pre-Purchase Inspection, Records Reviews and Appraisals, Fleet Strategy and Planning, Aircraft Modification Programme Management and Airline Project Management (Entry into Service).

  • B747 powered by CF680C2/Spare Engine
  • B737-400 powered by CFM56-3C/Spare Engine
  • Serviceable CFM56-3C1 “green” engines
    • 2 units between 500-800 CR
  • Serviceable CFM56-3C1 engine with 8000
  • Narrow body engines models like CFM56-3/5/7, V2500,
  • Narrow body aircrafts or airframes like B737 all series
  • Wide body engines models like CF680C, PW4000 and PW2000
  • Wide body aircrafts or airframes like B747-400/B757/B767
  • All types of APUs

AM Asset Management

  • Asset Purchasing & Disposal Process
  • Pre-Purchase Inspection
  • Records Reviews & Appraisals

EOL Assets Wanted

Unserviceable or "Green" time engines:

  • V2500
  • CFM56-3C/5B/7B
  • PW2000
  • PW4168
  • PW4056
  • CF680C

Aircraft check management & Maintenance Optimization

  • Aircraft check project management to improve On-Time Performance (OTP)
  • Maintenance & Production Planning optimization
  • Supply Chain Management & Outsourcing

Quality System Management

  • AS9100/9110/9120 Consultancy & Training
  • EASA Part-145/147 Full Scope Consultancy
  • Internal and external structured audits
  • SMS Implementation & On-going safety monitoring
  • Exposition, Quality and Operation Manual drafting
  • Personnel Licensing and Competency Assessment

Technical Representation

  • Technical support during aircraft production, acquisitions and delivery
  • Technical support during maintenance activity
  • Repair assessment reviews
  • Technical audits and AD/SB compliance
  • Documentation reviews

Engine Borescope Service

Full Engine Borescope services with customized and independent assessment for finance houses, lease companies, aircraft owners and prospective buyers, for the purpose of sale or purchase, lease return or ongoing scheduled maintenance