Dviation Welcomes First Korean Customer, Jeju Air!

6th August 2019, Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia – With the Dviation Group’s latest expansion of clientele comes a new customer, Jeju Air. Dviation first serviced the Korean airline on 4th August 2019 at Kota Kinabalu International Airport (BKI). The airline, operating B737s, carries out scheduled flights on ICN-BKI (Seoul Incheon – Kota Kinabalu) and MWX-BKI (Muan – Kota Kinabalu) routes.


As Korea’s first and largest low-cost airline, Jeju Air Co., Ltd. was successful in transporting 7.3 million international passengers, and 4.7 million domestic passengers in 2018. The airline’s 45-aircraft fleet consists of B737 variants, which fly to 41 destinations around the globe. Currently employing 2,700 staff members, Jeju Air is set to expand its international presence in the near future.

Dviation's commitment to customer service excellence, coupled with increased investment in training their highly skilled maintenance personnel has led to growth in their customer base over the last months. This has allowed the Group to service new generation aircraft types including the A320neo, resulting in the addition of new customers: Air Arabia and Fly Dubai, among other airlines.

Dviation is one of the fastest-growing aviation service providers in the ASEAN region, offering consultancy, training, recruitment, maintenance, and FTM/CAMO services. Headquartered in Malaysia, Dviation has operations spread across various countries, including Croatia, India and Cambodia. For more information, visit


Aug, 2019