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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Vietnam Aviation Academy (VAA - under Ministry of Transport) and Dviation Solutions Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of the Malaysia-based Dviation Group) have signed a Collaboration Agreement on a comprehensive strategic partnership with the aim of enhancing the aviation education and training in Vietnam.

Under this collaboration agreement, both VAA and Dviation Solutions will have a joint cooperation in providing training and education services for the purpose of improving the employability and marketability of graduates in the region. This will be done by providing specialized European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) approved technical training programmes. This will ensure the creation of a pool of talented and skilled aviation personnel, catering to the needs of the maintenance and repair organisations (MROs) and technical service requirements of the industry in Vietnam.

Mrs. Thi Hai Hang, President of VAA said :

“The aviation industry makes an important contribution to the Vietnam economy but as it continues to grow, this will also have an added impact on airports, air traffic control, infrastructure and the highly specialized aviation labour force. This collaboration will create more opportunities for the students to be able to access he regional labour market”.

Mr Wong Siew Kit, Chairman of Dviaton Group affirmed : 
"Dviation Group provides specialized maintenance and management solutions to airlines, operators, as well as MROs. This cooperation with VAA in aviation technical training and education, through our subsidiary company, Dviation Solutions, is a favorable starting point to strengthen bilateral relationship between two parties based on a sustainable and long-term development. We are committed to work together in developing further the quality of graduates in the aviation industry, not only for Vietnam but also for the needs of the regional market”.

With this collaboration agreement, both parties will share the facilities, classrooms and office facilities as well as develop a joint training programme of future junior instructors to meet the standards of EASA. Besides, they also agreed to develop and execute the Technical English Language Competency Training programme; training materials, course notes and exam questions; and other standards and procedures to meet EASA regulations. VAA and Dviation Solutions will also work together towards improving the standards of current workshops, training aids and aircraft system simulators, as well as sharing training experiences. This collaboration agreement will also develop the brand recognition and promote the services of both VAA and Dviation Solutions to the aviation community of Vietnam.

According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA) report, Vietnam is a dynamic and rapidly growing aviation market. Vietnam boasts the third-fastest growing international aviation passenger numbers in the world, expected to touch 63 million by 2020. The successful development of aviation will pay big dividends to the Vietnam economy. Aviation contributes $6 billion annually to Vietnam’s GDP and supports over 230,000 jobs. IATA has also identified three broad strategic areas that Vietnam needs to focus on: infrastructure, passenger experience and cargo.

The growth of Vietnam aviation is attracting airline investments in commercial aircrafts and also drives a major need for training, systems, experience, products and services that can keep pace with rapid growth.

The cooperation between VAA and Dviation Solutions will contribute towards the continuous growth of Vietnam’s aviation industry. Moreover, this MOU provides opportunities for VAA students to participate in Dviation Group’s practical aviation training services which will help to improve air safety, productivity and efficiency for the future.

Mar, 2016