Joint force for smooth transit transition

Dviation Technics and Suasa Airlines signs collaborative maintenance service agreement for the provision of technical handling services on Suasa Airlines’s fleet of aircraft transiting at domestic stations including Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu. The services include regular transit certification as well as additonal maintenance services as part of its weekly flight schedules. DVT was selected after undergoing stringent quality audits as well as competency assessment of its capabilities.

Suasa Airlines is a independent airline providing both schedule and charter services to customers in the region. It currently operates the Boeing B737 aircraft types but is already planning for wide-body long distance operations in mid 2017. Prior to commencement of technical handling services, Dviation’s team of Licensed Aircraft Engineers and technicians had to undergo specialized training to ensure compliance of Suasa Airlines’s procedures and requirements.

This collaboration between DVT and Suasa extends to the sharing of each other’s manpower resources as well as tooling and equipment. This allows both parties to expand rapidly and easily within the domestic routes by leveraging on each other’s present capabilities.

More to follow..

Jun, 2016