Marubeni Corporation Invests in Dviation Group to Transform Asia-Pacific Aviation Landscape

SINGAPORE,  September. 27. 2023 – Dviation Group, a renowned leader in aviation technical solutions, proudly announces a groundbreaking partnership with Marubeni Corporation, one of the world's largest trading and investment conglomerates. This strategic collaboration marks a significant milestone in the aviation industry and is set to revolutionize the Asia-Pacific region's aviation landscape.

The partnership entails Marubeni Corporation investing in Dviation Group's latest business unit, KarbonMRO, establishing a joint venture that serves as a one-stop centre for end-to-end asset lifecycle solutions located at Subang Airport, Malaysia. The sustainability-focused arm is set to become operational in mid-2024 and will play a pivotal role in driving innovation and excellence in aviation services. This partnership aims to create up to 200 high-skilled positions over the next five years, fostering economic growth and human capital development in the region.

Dviation Group and Marubeni team with representatives from MATRADE, MIDA and NAICO.

Marketed under three distinct brands (KMRO, KES and KNG), KarbonMRO’s core solutions centre around boutique MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul), bespoke engine services and next-generation aerial vehicles.

KMRO’s services are adaptive to the needs of aircraft lessors and operators that require tailor-made solutions throughout the lifecycle of their aviation assets, from entry-into-service to lease transitions and finally end-of-life solutions. To fulfil these requirements, the organisation offers solutions that include customized maintenance programs, In-Flight Entertainment System modifications, cabin retrofitting, part-outs as well as custom livery painting and detailing.  

As part of its focus on sustainability solutions, KMRO also offers airframe/engine re-configuration and re-purposing services. This – coupled with its digital native processes, which aim to increase operational efficiency and reduce paper wastage – will effectively contribute towards de-carbonization and long-term sustainability of the aviation industry.

KES (Karbon Engine Services) specializes in bespoke jet-engine services featuring both "off" and "on"-wing engine maintenance throughout its entire lifecycle. The KES facility will initially focus on the CFM56 series engine type with further capability upgrades earmarked in subsequent expansion plans.

KNG (Karbon Nex-Gen), on the other hand, will focus on delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine the way we fly. This includes niche services catering to new generation business jets and general aviation aircraft – with a goal of enabling the future of aerial mobility.

This transformative hub will offer comprehensive services, benefiting airlines and operators by streamlining their operational needs – an initiative that aligns perfectly with the growing demand for air travel in the Asia-Pacific region.

Signing ceremony at MRO Asia Pacific 2023, Singapore

Dviation Group's Managing Director, Kevin Teoh, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with Marubeni Corporation, a globally recognized powerhouse. This collaboration exemplifies our shared commitment to enhancing the aviation industry in the Asia-Pacific region. By leveraging Dviation’s human capital development expertise and MRO capabilities, we can work together to provide top-notch services and create a progressive future for aviation in the Asia-Pacific region.”

“We are excited about our partnership with Dviation Group's KarbonMRO, as it perfectly aligns with our vision of providing comprehensive aviation solutions. Marubeni Corporation has a strong track record in asset trading via its subsidiary Magellan Aviation Group, and we see our investment in KarbonMRO as a strategic step forward. We look forward to the synergies and innovations this partnership will bring to the aviation industry,” said Satoshi Takechi, General Manager of Marubeni’s Aviation, Space & Defence Department.

With this partnership, Dviation Group and Marubeni Corporation are poised to set new industry standards and elevate the Asia-Pacific aviation landscape to unprecedented heights. Together, they will shape the future of aviation in the region, providing a catalyst for economic growth, job creation, and unparalleled services.

Marubeni and KarbonMRO team

About Dviation Group

Dviation Group is a leading aviation consultancy, training, and MRO services provider headquartered in Malaysia. With a strong focus on human capital development and industry expertise, Dviation Group has consistently delivered excellence to clients across Asia, Europe, and beyond.

About Marubeni Corporation

Marubeni Corporation is a global trading and investment conglomerate headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Founded in 1858, Marubeni operates in a wide range of industries, including energy, infrastructure, transportation, and agribusiness. The company has a strong track record of investing in innovative companies with high growth potential.

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