Dviation and Jeppesen: Propelling the Region’s Aerospace Industry Forward

The Dviation Group is pleased to announce that they have teamed up with Jeppesen, while achieving yet another milestone in being a total aviation solutions provider, a one-stop center for all aviation needs.

With support from Jeppesen, Dviation aims to bring convenience, enhanced efficiency and improved safety to end users from the military, general and business aviation segment. The introduction of FliteDeck Pro – Jeppesen’s superior Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) – to the Malaysian aviation industry is set to elevate flight operations to new heights.

An Electronic Flight Bag is testament to the aviation industry’s progress towards paperless cockpits. Using software on a mobile device, pilots can access manuals, charts and notes that would have conventionally been in paper format. As the pioneering product, FliteDeck Pro is the commercial airline industry's first and most reliable chart rendering experience. Equipped with intelligent features such as SmartNotes, Tailored Enroute, Airport Moving Maps and Trip Kit On-Demand, FliteDeck Pro can increase productivity, security, safety and overall performance. The decreased load caused by a reduction of paper can also bring about financial and environmental advantages.

Jeppesen also brings to the industry a fast-time airport and airspace simulation model, the Total Airspace and Airport Modeler (TAAM). The TAAM solution presents a powerful tool, providing full gate-to-gate simulation across every phase of operation. Through this, operational environment may be simulated to allow prediction and analysis of airport and airspace traffic operations. The TAAM includes all the models needed to construct, edit and analyse terminal and runway simulations through all flight phases. This airspace optimization tool also supports flight linking, to take into consideration the downstream impacts of system-wide models.

As part of this collaboration, Dviation’s team of engineers and consultants will undergo specialized training to ensure successful delivery and execution of Jeppesen’s full suite of products and services. This collaboration will bring added value to users of Jeppesen’s products in this region, by taking advantage of Dviation’s strong local network and skilled workforce, to deliver turnkey projects at cost effective pricing coupled with a faster response time for a personalized customer experience. In line with its vision of “Enabling Opportunities, Building Communities”, Dviation looks forward to a long and successful relationship with Jeppesen, working on projects to elevate further the aviation industry in Malaysia and within the region.

Aug, 2018