Eagle has landed for technical handling

Dviation Technics kicks-off Technical Handling services at its Kuala Lumpur International Airport(KLIA) line station with launch customer EagleXpress Airlines(EZX). EZX is a Malaysian based charter airline operating Boeing 747-400 aircraft type primarily for Hajj charter services. Both parties signed a maintenance agreement for line maintenance services during scheduled transits at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

EZX currently operates a fleet of B747’s and has future plans to include the Boeing B777 and Airbus A330 types as part of its fleet and route expansion. Dviation Technics was selected as its maintenance service provider in KUL after a thorough engineering evaluation and quality audit by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia(DCAM).

Both teams worked closely during the initial stages of entry-into-service of EZX’s first aircraft to ensure all necessary modifications and maintenance tasks were carried out according to DCAM regulations. The end result proved fruitful as EZX met its launch dateline for its first flight to Jeddah.

Aug, 2015