Expanding Dviation’s Reach To Nepal

Kathmandu, Nepal, 1 July 2018 – Today marks the first day Dviation officiates operations at their line maintenance station in Kathmandu, Nepal. The first transit check was carried out on one of AirAsia X’s A330 aircraft, on the 1st of July 2018.

Dviation’s Kathmandu line maintenance station was established to serve AirAsia X (D7) in their flights to Kathmandu. The airline operates on this route four times a week, utilizing their fleet’s A330s.

The contract between AirAsia X and Dviation was signed in April 2018, and will be upheld for three years. The process that led up to the agreement – from the start of the service agreement negotiation to certification of the first transit – took six months.

‘We are glad to announce that we have opened our line station in Kathmandu. The station was established to serve AirAsia X, one of our local airlines in Malaysia, to support their operations to Kathmandu,’ remarked Hermann Nagel, Dviation’s Director of Business Development.



Dviation’s venture into Kathmandu is driven by its strategic location, which has promising prospects, as put forth by Nagel, ‘We would like to mention that with our station in Kathmandu, we have set yet another strategic milestone for Dviation Technics, as many other airlines are operating to this destination with wide and narrow body aircrafts.’

‘We are very confident that we could welcome other airlines in Kathmandu as our customers soon,’ adds Nagel.

Jul, 2018